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S-Glide 5.5" 1 Oz. Cover Glide Bait

S-Glide 5.5" 1 Oz. Cover Glide Bait

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Length: 5.5"

Weight: 1 Oz.

S-Glide Cover Bait

Sometimes, JDM alternatives are better than the real thing. And that's the case here. We all love the S-Waver, but this bait moves just as well, comes with great hardware, better colorways, and COSTS LESS. This is a cover glide, so through in tight places, along side docks, laydowns, and reel slowly to get that S-Glide going. Then every so ofter, pulse the reel handle or give the rod a snap and the bait will flutter and dart off course, triggering that feed response we love.



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